Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Ok, so I thought today was a good day to start with cutting back my coffee intake . . . or not! I had the worst sleep last night and of course, caffiene was my best friend for the day. I now have one day left before my 1st July deadline and I fear I will not be able to go cold turkey without suffering the dreaded withdrawls again. Blah! I also decided to test out a couple of other tests I had heard about in recent times . . . as a woman who is in desperate need to be in control, sitting around and 'waiting' for my next IVF cycle is not to my liking. I feel the need to be doing something, even when what I should be doing isn't what I am wanting to do even if I know I should be. Does that make sense?! I have started temping again so when I go back to my long suffering acupuncturist (I say this because I am always asking him a MILLION questions about everything and anything to do with my chart or what I should be eating, doing, thinking, feeling . . . you get the picture) it looks like I have been doing something. In reality I have been picking up the thermometer in the morning and shoving it in my mouth and then forgetting to record my temp so that my chart is full of 'what I think it would be' as opposed to what it should be, while I spend my evening drinking wine and blogging. He would be most unimpressed with the truth! But that's ok, cos I will start on the 1st! (God help me!) ANYWAY, where was I? Right, so I went to a Kinesiologist a few months ago who told me I was suffering from an overgrowth of candida in my intestines. How he knows this I don't know but I thought I would buy a test from the health shop to see for sure if he knew what he was talking about. If I did have it I would need to go on some crazy strict diet to 'kill' the excess yeast and avoid all antibiotics as they tend to exasperate it big time. Trouble is the OTHER thing I decided to badger my GP into testing was ureaplasma and micoplasma which is a bacterial infection. I don't know much about either of these conditions but thought I would test for them anyway because at this point I will try anything! Well guess what - I do have high levels of ureaplasma and the treatment? Strong doses of antibiotics! Hmm - one says no antibiotics and one says lots of antibiotics. A bit contradictory. Luckily my second home candida test (yes you read right, second test, my first was a dud or perhaps I messed up somewhere between the jabbing my finger with the little needle and bleeding out everywhere which may have distracted me from the test procedure!) was negative. PHEW! So I will be now taking some antibiotics for the duration of 7 days for something I had never heard of, my GP's nurse had never heard of and my GP wasn't altogether familiar with. Oh well, just one more thing on my list of things to try! Who knows, maybe this will be the thing that works! A girl can dream! 

So here's my Q of the day . . . what crazy things have you tried (or did you try) while trying to concieve?


  1. I began TTC convinced it would take a long, long time to fall pregnant. So right from the start I decided to have this amazingly perfect diet! I cut out everything with phenylanlanine in it - thats a 'fake' sugar thats in tons of foods. Also cut out everything with caffeine, all meats, all non-organic products, all soy, all cheese, all fast food... Also took my vitamins and extra B12 and Folic Acid near religiously.
    Ben would just roll his eyes at the crazy person :)

  2. Well this isn't any sort of crazy remedy but rather some interesting bedroom manouveres after BDing-propping my whole back up against the wall in the hopes that lazy sperm will just...'slide' there way to where they need to be.hehehe-hasn't worked yet by the way. hehe your charting bungle made me giggle, I have been known to make up numbers some days!

  3. Answer- Will never admit it to anyone and my partner still reminds me of this one. One cycle I had it in my head that our area down below arent Germ free and could be a factor, so we washed in Detol Wash everyday. And before DTD we cleansed ourself with sterile water. Only happened one cycle before my loving partner said he will tell my mum if I keep this up

  4. Craziest thing I've tried to get pregnant...hmmm. Well I tried all the obvious things and then I tried putting this fertility little budda doll under my pillow while I slept that a friend gave to us. We happened to be doing our first IVF cycle as well and it worked. Regardless that little guy is not being moved anytime soon :-) Best of luck with the caffeine cut back. I am so crabby without my ice coffee :-)

  5. Ah you make me laugh out loud love. Well there were a few stories i didn't mention in "Athena's Story". Inbetween treatmens a very religious friend of mine who knew my situation got me a dried apple from the monastery in Greece (yep shipped over) it had been blessed and would help me get pregnant. Once it got PG she also gave me this string that was also blessed and i had to tie it around my stomach. Apparently it prevented miscarriage! I believe in jesus and god but this was far fetch - i truly believe that if your mind thinks positive then anything could happen. Athena xox