Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I was fine by the time we got home. I had a large flat white in my hand, feet up on the couch, a bunch of the latest DVD's and a doting husband to look after me! Actually, I really think it was the flat white that made all the difference (that's the coffee addict coming out in me, caffiene fixes everything!) The rest of the day was spent relaxing and nervously anticipating the next days fertilisation results. Heeding the FS original statement that we weren't to think that just because we got a large number of eggs we would have that many to work with, I was hopeful to have 8-10 fertilise. I figured half would be about right and was happy with that, so we were very pleasantly surprised when we got the phone call the next morning saying that 15 of our 18 had fertlised! Wow, we were so proud of ourselves and joked that my eggs and his sperm were definately willing and able but clearly were getting lost somewhere along the way or we'd have a million kids by now! I was also intrigued by the mysterious abdominal pain that had set in overnight - if I didn't know better I would have said I must have been doing thousands of sit ups in my sleep because I could barely move! All the muscles in my abdomen were so stiff and sore that any movement hurt alot. It only got worse from there. In hindsight I think I had a mild dose of OHSS . . . I had trouble breathing (which I put down to my asthma), I felt a bit sick and spent one sleepless night battling nausea and vomiting; my stomach swelled up so I looked 3 months pregnant and I put on 4kg in one day! I also had back and shoulder pain which wasn't pleasant and would wake up in the night in so much discomfort all I could do was cry. I know, I know, this is not normal and I should have called the clinic but all I could think of was that if I drew attention to it they may do a freeze all cycle (where they don't replace an embryo becuase the risk of hyperstimulating are too great so they freeze them all) and I didn't want to do that. I was being stubborn so I put up with it while madly googling the symptoms of OHSS and hoping it would get better before I had to land myself in hospital. Luckily the pain did ease by transfer day so we were all go. In hindsight though, I now know how uncomfortable even a mild case of OHSS can be and I don't recommend doing what I stubbornly did. If you feel anything out of the ordinary call the nurses as I sometimes think that my end result may have been influenced by the state my body was in when our little embie was put back . . .

Oh, and just one more tip: Do not watch comedies when you are experiencing abdominal muscle and shoulder pain becuase it REALLY hurts to laugh! I was trying to watch a movie and wouldn't you know it, it just happened to be the funniest movie I had watched in a really, really long time. It was hilarious and it had me in FITS of uncontrollable laughter that HURT SO MUCH!! I was having to push pause to be able to stop laughing and ease the pain. If anyone had been witness to this they would have sworn I was in labour as I was laughing and trying to do the contraction type breathing through the pain. Not a good combination.

My advice - stick with thrillers!

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