Thursday, June 24, 2010


I wonder if there is some kind of sign that shouts to stray felines that I am desperate and childless and therefore anything cute will be able to manipulate me. I find it even MORE amusing that I would happen to attract a pregnant cat to my front doorstep night after night but this pesky, adorable and lost looking cat has decided it wants to adopt me. Or me to adopt it. Or perhaps just me to feed it. Whatever the reason, I now have a preggers kitty who sits on my front porch and cries for hours until I feed it and give it attention. It has even taken to slipping past me into the house and attempting to make itself at home. Oh well, if I can't be pregnant I might as well have a pregnant cat to amuse myself with. Except pregnant cats make kittens . . . and my cat is NOT impressed by this situation one bit. Soon I am going to be known as the local 'cat lady' . . .

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  1. I know exactly what you mean!! I seem to be the neighbourhood cat magnet myself!