Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Waiting sucks big time! I have never been a patient person, I want what I want and I want it now (but not in a selfish way!) Well, maybe sometimes, depends if there's a chocolate craving at stake but that's another story. The suckful thing about IVF in NZ is that yes, we get two free cycles which saves us heaps of money, and yes, we are appreciative but the waiting around to START those IVF cycles is a real pain in the ass. You get used to the idea that you are going to need IVF to have a baby and then you are ready and rearing to get started . . . but you have to wait. In my case I only had to wait 7 months which is nothing compared to some of you (and I am moaning on your behalf more than anything!) I can handle 3 months to my next go easily enough, even 7 isn't bad but I have a dear friend who has had to wait so much longer than me, and for HER I am frustrated. 18 months is a bloody long time to be watching everyone around you starting a family while you know that IVF is your only option and you are left watching the days tick by and getting more and more impatient. The typical scenario goes something like this - meet the love of your life, get married, maybe travel a little and have some fun, buy a house or get settled somewhere and start a family . . . easy right? Mine went something like: meet the love of my life, get married, buy a house, accept bribe to get a kitten to detract from starting a family for another year, start trying, waiting while nothing happens, a year of tests and ops (which consists of more waiting!), go on IVF waiting list, waiting . . . start IVF, IVF cancelled, waiting . . . do IVF#2, IVF fails, waiting . . . waiting, waiting, waiting. The story of our lives!

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  1. Hopefully darling girl we will one day experience the 12 week wait, the 20 week wat and waiting for the baby to arrive :)