Monday, June 28, 2010


One of the things I have learnt over the past two and a half years is that you cannot control getting pregnant. It is natural for a woman to want to be able to control everything but unfortunately this is one thing that is up to nature and although you can fork out the cash and give it a little helping hand with the likes of IVF and other fertility treatment, ultimately it is out of your hands. And that's where my obsessive compulsive disorder comes in . . . not only that but I have turned into a control freak! I can't control the most important part of my current existance and MAKE a baby take up residence in my uterus but I CAN control how straight the cushions are on the couch corners. I drive my husband nuts! He'll chuck those cushions on the floor to make way for him and the dog or have them perfectly positioned under his head for lazing on the couch, but the minute he gets up to go to the bathroom or grab a drink he'll come back to . . . those perfectly positioned, fluffed up cushions on the couch corners. Always, every time. I can't help it! It drives me a little nuts having them thrown around haphazard. It drives HIM nuts that I can never leave them long enough for him to get comfortable! For the sake of my husbands sanity, I ask you to please let me get pregnant soon. And then I can be obsessive compulsive about the nursery . . . much more exciting!

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  1. Love this blog.
    A teeny bit of OCD. lol Have to agree with you. I never joined the A12+ but I read the forums and found comfort from reading them. It took us 5 years to concieve and I defiantly had a case of OCD with TTC. Google, pee sticks,diets, new ttc ways became my life, sanity walked out the door after six months of trying.
    I never met you on the Baby C Boards but just wanted to thankyou for sharing along with the other girls. That forum helped me cope many of times. I truly hope that you get your miracle soon.