Sunday, March 25, 2012


So after some more intense topics over the course of the last week, I have concluded I need to lighten the tone a bit. Have you ever looked at your blog stats and looked at what people are searching/googling that lead to your blog? Well, I did this the other day and it was pretty funny! Here are the best ones:

(Um, this could be dodgy or it might not be - is it 'Angels wings loony hard', or 'Angel swings loony hard'?)

I had chocolate brownie, anxiety attack
(Did I once refer to having an anxiety attack while eating a chocolate brownie?)

Greek orthodox IVF baby
(ok, get the IVF baby part but Greek Orthodox? Pretty sure I have never used the words Greek or Orthodox in a blog post. Except perhaps I once mentioned that my name is Greek, hence the Greek, IVF and Baby referring to here?)

Dreams - my dead mom who appears in the loony bin
(Um ...)

What are some of the funniest googles that have led to your blog?


  1. Ohhh man... mine is FULL of random stuff. Primarily because of the word "elephant" in the title of my blog. My top picks:

    "ebay punishment bra with cups filled with sharp points"

    "elephant has a baby with guts"

    1. Haha. Totally random! 'Ebay punishment bra with cups filled with sharp points'? Interesting!

  2. I live up in central north island - close to Mt Ruapehu. Don't really refer to it in my blog as I'm really paranoid about someone accidently finding it and since I live in a really small town I don't want to be found like that especially being a teacher at a well known school in town lol. BTW I love looking at the stats on my blog it amazes me where people come from who read my blog...or even the fact 10 people can be bothered following me and reading in the first place!