Thursday, June 16, 2011


We don't have too much longer to go and the nerves are starting to set in a wee bit now which I guess is pretty normal! I FINALLY finish up work tomorrow and then I have 4 and a half months maternity leave up my sleeve, the majority of which I get to enjoy with my little man. I do get a wee bit of pre-baby maternity leave before the big day and I am already starting to make plans for it so I'm not just sitting around home twiddling my thumbs and counting down the days and hours and minutes. I'm hoping to be able to get out and about a bit while I still can and do some cafe dining with friends and enjoy a few afternoon naps! I have a pre-op appointment today with the anesthitist who will be with me during the c-section and then a few more blood tests, a midwife appointment on Saturday and then it will pretty much just be a waiting game.

After not having any braxton hicks since around week 23, I finally had a really strong braxton hick this morning where my whole tummy tightened accompanied by strong period like pain so I think I know what to look out for now should labour decide to start beforehand (I hope not though because that would make his delivery an emergency c-section which would add a whole new dimension to it!). Perhaps I'll avoid walking up and down stairs too much, the same way I am avoiding the raspberry leaf tea! Having said that though, I am really thinking that with 38 weeks a few days away, it might not be a bad idea to put some kind of mattress protector on the bed, just in case! As it is I have a spare change of clothes in my bag on the off chance my waters break while out somewhere! I've heard many stories of this recently so I figure better safe than sorry! I also have my hospital bag all packed complete with the most hideous high waisted undies you have ever seen (thanks to the recommendation of friends who have had a c-sec before!) and 3 pairs of PJ's! Babies bag is packed with some of his cutest (and warmest) outfits, his merino sleeping bag and a special blanket knitted by my Nana. To be honest, it all feels a little surreal and I can't believe that this is happening to me. That I am having a baby. At last. Why does reading that back always make me cry? Needless to say, you can add emotional to the list of how I am feeling.

In amongst my excitement and nerves, some close friends in the IF world have been experiencing heartache. It's horrible and just bloody unfair and I hate it! I just wish that the fertility fairy would wave her magic wand a little more freely. I haven't forgotten them and I just hope that they know that in amongst my joy, I feel sorrow for what they are going through. Infertility really does suck sometimes. Actually, forget the sometimes . . . infertility just plain SUCKS.


  1. All the best for your last day at work and enjoy the time you have off before bub is born. All the best for the delivery and welcoming your long awaited baby.

  2. All the best Haidee for your last day and I can't wait to hear your BA.. I am assuming by this you will be having your baby by the end of next week so will be sitting by the computer.. All the best sweetheart so happy that this day has finally arrived for you Love Kat xx

  3. I think the nerves are normal! I'm so excited for you - enjoy your time off :) xx

  4. Oh Haidee, it's just getting so close now- I can imagine it feels so surreal for you!

    Your having a BABY! A real BABY! That's just amazing :) xxxx

  5. Oh Haidee, I have no idea what its like to know the day that bub will be born, but just be prepared if he is keen for an early entry.. thats if he take after your husband and wants to stir you up.. he he he..

    Thank you so much for every inch of support you have given me. I just dont know how I could have gone through all this if I hadn't met you and the other special women. Please dont shed any tears for me, I will keep fighting, and do you proud... xo

  6. Hello, I am new to your blog as I found you via another blog I read but after reading up on your story (I was all tearful reading your October posts) I am so moved and utterly thrilled for you!!!! Congratulations. Enjoy the last few days of your pregnancy and I look forward to hearing all about baby's arrival. Best of luck. Becca. x

  7. Oh Haidee I cannot wait until you bring this beautiful boy into this world and you get to hold him in your arms...a real life baby your desire for so long and the day will finally come...blessings to you, DH and baby...

    and even at a time with so much happiness you still find the time to never forget your friends still waiting for their bundle of joys...