Wednesday, June 8, 2011

26 DAYS TO GO . . .

We are starting to tick down to the final countdown and my emotions are all over the place. I am excited (which goes without saying), but I am also having frequent bouts of anxiety to go with it. 26 days all of a sudden seems like no time at all! I'm organised but only as organised as one can be without having a clue. Baby boy is still breech (I can still feel his little round head poking out the little ratbag) but I am still holding out hope that he will turn. Although, after reading a bunch of stories on my birth club about tearing during the pushing stage of labour, a c-section suddenly doesn't sound quite so bad! Because I am up in the air where labour is concerned, I'm still feeling quite calm about it. Once I know one way or another which way I will be delivering this baby I am sure the nerves will start to kick in.

As for how I am feeling physically . . . ouch! That about sums it up. I have been so proud of the way my body has held up during this pregnancy but now she's starting to get a bit of wear and tear going on. My hips are my main enemy and I am walking with a constant limp, standing up and sitting down and rolling over in bed are starting to become very painful occupations but I am just enduring it with the knowledge that I don't have much longer and baby boy is getting bigger and stronger by the day.

I never quite understood why women would start getting really impatient about having the baby instead of enjoying the last few weeks and relaxing as much as possible - I think I am starting to become enlightened!

Not to mention I am dying to know what (and who) he looks like!


  1. Oh hon I can feel your pain just reading that-I can imagine it must be very uncomfortable now! hehe that is quite cute that you can feel his head though! xoxo

  2. Have you checked out It is a good resource of info on how to get your babies to turn head down! Check it out :)

    26 days!! He'll be here before you know it!!

  3. Im with you Haidee in enjoying the last few weeks as every moment counts being pregnant and considering the journey you took to get here you deserve to appreciate every moment but how adoring you cant wait to meet him...we cant either..and when I say every moment when pregnant obviously I have not been pregnant to Third trimester but when my friends become impatient if they only could count their blessings just like you!!

  4. 26 days 26 days 26 days... after over 3yrs its come down to 26 days.. well actually now 25. Im so excited for you!!! He is just going to be damn cute, thats all I can say!

  5. Oh Haidee, it is getting so close now! I can imagine the "idea" of being pregnant is much more enjoyable than the experience of it!

  6. Oh, I know what you mean with the aches and pains. I have felt so good in general and have been considering myself so lucky (I still do), but now the aches and pains are starting to pick up. The worst is getting up after sitting or lying down for a while - I feel like what it must feel like to be 80. Not much time left at all!!