Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'm still here and enjoying my first few days of maternity leave. Ok, to be honest I am just a wee bit bored. I feel like I have taken on the official role of housewife - yesterday I ran around town and did some of the mundane chores that needed doing (car rego, dog rego etc), baked cookies for our last antenatal class (and then proceeded to eat about 5 before we even made it out the door!), watched mind numbingly boring daytime TV and had a nap. Very stimulating stuff! Everyone says I should get as much sleep as I can and nap during the day, but to be honest I am sleeping like a baby at night and going to bed at 10pm and not waking up until 6.15am when the alarm goes off for the HG to go to work, so I have no need to nap during the day as I am not tired in the slightest. Yesterdays nap was purely due to boredom! Hopefully I can start to find something a bit more entertaining to do starting tomorrow!

So what's the latest: Baby is still breech. I had a midwife appointment on Saturday and she was pretty adament that she doesn't think he is going to move. I'm measuring 4 weeks smaller than I actually am (I was 38 weeks yesterday) so he's pretty well squished in there like a sardine. Actually, he has positioned himself like a cannon ball with his bum nestled in my pelvis and his feet up over his head. Hopefully this isn't going to cause problems with his hips later as it can cause hip dysplasia for breech babies to be positioned like this for too long, so hopefully he hasn't been this way the whole time! I also started getting period type pains off and on the last 3 days so keeping an eye on those too but so far they're pretty mild. Next midwife appointment is on Thursday so will keep you posted!


  1. This is a really good article to read, especially since you are sleeping very well at night. I hope everything goes well for the birth


  2. I'm getting so excited it's not funny. I'm so looking forward to seeing your baby!

  3. Im so greatful you are getting sleep well done ....and sorry to find you are bored..go hire some movies or do something you wont have time for when baby comes along lol go pamper yourself but something that wont bring on labour

    Im sorry to hear about baby being breech after alll the complications you had to get your baby you would think you could have a straight forward birth but hey this little boy sounds like a wonderful handful full of joy and energy and a little trickster and you are in good hands nothing medical staff cannot handle

  4. Oh Haidee, he is a cheeky little monkey! Wish I was that flexible! hahaha.

    Hope you find something to occupy your days - are you cleaning like a crazy woman? I reckon that's what I'd be doing!!

  5. Enjoy your ALONE-DOING-A-POO time... I still cannot do this alone. Watch some funny movies, cook a big batch of lasagne and freeze it for after bub is born. And rub that belly with unconditional love, as I guarantee you will miss it this time next week, even though little man is out.

  6. Are they going to move up your c-section if he stays in that position? Poor little guy all squished in there! I know that they want him to bake for as long as possible though. What an exciting time. I agree with the other comment that you should sit around and watch movies. :)