Friday, October 7, 2011


Once again, I must apologise for having been absent for such a long stretch! I won't make excuses, I just haven't felt inspired to write a blog entry (and to be fair I have been sick as a dog with the cold from hell which hasn't helped my brain function). I thought I would come and update you on where I am at with the breastfeeding dilemma though. I decided to make some changes to the timing of my expressing rather than quit and I am feeling so much better about it and less stressed. Basically I brought forward my nightly express to 8.30pm instead of waiting until 9.30pm which is when I want to go to bed. The resentment of expressing cutting into my much needed sleep time has disappeared and I'm much more relaxed now. At the moment I am only expressing twice a day but once I get over this cold (8 days and counting!) and have some energy back I hope to add the afternoon pump back in. I also think I will at least attempt to carry on expressing once I return to work but not actually do it at work - I'll get up at 5am to get ready and slot an express in and then I'll drop Cohen off to grandma's and then do an express that night once he is in bed. At least, that is the plan! Not sure how that will pan out in reality, 5am DOES seem pretty early! But I'm sure my body will adjust.

As for everything else, Cohen is 15 weeks old on Monday and he is getting heavy! He is now 5.8kg and 61cm long. My arms are certainly getting a workout! The aches have come back in one arm though which doesn't help but this time I know what caused it - an excess of tennis on the Wii! I'm attempting to lose some of this baby weight so I can fit back into my work clothes but obviously I overdid it! Maybe it would be best to stick with the eating chocolate on the couch idea instead . . .

Here is Cohen in a photo taken today - he has currently decided that sleep is overrated and this was his response when I asked him why he was still awake. Cheeky monkey.


  1. He is so cute!

    Now I know nothing about expressing but wouldn't it be better to try to express every 12 hours to even it out. But like I said I don't know what I'm talking about just sort of a question really.

  2. So so great to hear from you and your beautiful journey with Cohen...he is still absolutely gorgeous and bless that beautiful smile of his....
    Sorry to hear your unwell but glad you worked out a solution re breast feeding and expressing that will work for you...

    and how funny tennis wii...yes I think I would return to couch with chocolate tooo...mmmm

  3. wow 11 hours sleep! That's awesome...hopefully he'll stay on track unlike little Ms. Abbey. Sounds like Cohen is growing like a weed!
    I don't got back to work until April but since I'm a teacher I will be off for the summer two months later...I can't decide if I should stop nursing before I go back or try to keep expressing until the end of the school year and then wean her over the summer before the next school year and she goes to daycare. It's hard to know if you are making the right choices sometimes!

  4. He's just too adorable! Look at that sweet baby smile! It's so good you've found a comfortable schedule for you both. I wish I had kept trying to pump longer!

  5. He is just perfect, I love that shot! Dont stress if things dont go to plan, just run with what works. Dare I ask when you are due back at work??

  6. God I just love that photo-one to frame for sure! Sounds like you've got a good plan for expressing when you return to work hon, sounds like the best thing is just to play it by ear and see what happens-hopefully will all go smoothly for you :) xxx

  7. What a cute little munchkin. The expressing plan sounds good, hope it works out okay for you xx