Thursday, October 20, 2011


So after all my worry about the sleeping issue, I basically decided the other night was the night to try putting him to bed in his own room. I geared up and was preparing for an unsettled evening but he went down without a single problem! I couldn't believe it! After all that, he just went to sleep. Little monkey. There was a wee bit of grizzling and I actually sat on the couch and read Hairy Maclary to him so he could hear my voice. Last night I read Brambley Hedge and tonight I just put him in his bassinet wide awake and walked out and he went straight to sleep! Didn't even hear a peep out of him. So proud of my little man! The scariest part was leaving him all alone in his room instead of wheeling him in with me. It took a bit of talking into by the HG as I wasn't overly keen on leaving him there alone but given it's right next door to our bedroom, the HG basically dragged me to bed and wouldn't allow it. I thought I would be waking up half the night and rushing in to check on him but I didn't wake up until I heard him talking to himself on the baby monitor at 6.30am the next morning! Next challenge: moving him into his actual cot. Eek!


  1. Well done Haidee- sounds like you did really well! One hurdle down, one to go!

  2. Wow well done!!! that must be such a relief to have that sorted. Keep up the great work.

  3. Well done. I think we worry about these things far more than they do. I had the same stress when we moved our little guy from his bassinet to the cot...don't think he even noticed :)
    You sound like you're doing such a wonderful job of being Cohen's mum.