Monday, October 24, 2011


It is Labour Day in NZ today (which is a public holiday) and this was the day last year that we finally found out that we were going to become parents at long last (officially the date we found out was 25th October which is tomorrow, but this was the public holiday that changed our lives forever). I remember the phone ringing while the HG was outside planting pots of tomatoes (just as a side note, all four plants died before we even got any tomatoes from them! Luckily our parenting of Cohen has been a little better!) and as I was expecting THE call to be on my cell phone and not landline, I was quite relaxed when answering and incredibly anxious when the nurse on the other end announced who she was. I had my response to a BFN all planned out in my head as I was 99% certain it was going to be a negative and was ready to tell the nurse I was ok and I knew that was going to be the result. Dreaming of a response to a positive hadn't really entered my head which is why when she said to me after a long winded introduction of how are you, how has your day been, how are you feeling and finally "Congratulations, your results have come back and you're pregnant" I was completely speechless and didn't take a word of the next few minutes of conversation and instruction for repeat blood tests in. And the minute that phone was put down I burst into a flood of tears and went walking out to the backyard in a daze. I'll never forget the look on the HG's face when he saw me crying and his face dropped as he attempted to comfort me, to which I told him I was in fact, pregnant! And then there were tears from both of us and a fair bit of screaming.

And now we have our little cheeker (the HG's nickname for him because he's such a  cheeky baby!)

I just read back on my blog entry from last year (you can read it here) and very teary eyed read through all the beautiful comments I received to my news. I have had so much amazing support to my journey and I would love to know where you are now in your own journey's to motherhood or life in general? There were many woman who commented on my BFP post and those that came before, who don't have blogs but were in the midst of IVF cycles at the time or had been TTC for awhile and I really hope you got your BFP and are living happily ever after. I would love to hear from some of my followers and see where you are all at in your lives now a year later . . . I know that many of you would have drifted off as my blog evolved with my pregnancy and now mummyhood, which I completely understand, but if you do happen to read this, please drop me a comment and let me know how you are getting on and if you have a blog, let me know the link so I can continue to follow your journey. xox


  1. You are a sweetheart Haidee. Cohen came to 2 of the most beautiful and deserving people. The photo is priceless!(and you already know where I'm at...) xox

  2. ahhh my fave photo of cheeker!! well i am still here in the trenches as you know! i think we have discussed this before but i have found that if you aren't writing as much as you used to people tend to stop commenting. but i think you should keep writing as you have a lovely style (and yes i probably am biased!)

  3. Hi! I think I started following your blog within your first trimester. I mostly lurk to simply check up on you and your incredibly journey. I've commented a few times, but not very often.

    I became interested in infertility blogs after I had my daughter at age 41. After a year of trying, I almost gave up, when she happened quite by surprise! I am a single mother and my daughter is now 2 1/2 years old.

    I think the reason why I began following blogs like yours, because I understand that longing. I also LOVE to read about how different people deal with hope, heartbreak, and challenges. I've learned much from the grace and dignity with which some women tread forward...yourself included!

    I do have a personal blog, devoted completely to my daughter (who is the light of my world!), but is open to anyone who emails me.

    I've loved reading your blog and am so thrilled that you have your little monkey to hold, love, and take care of. It is a journey that will forever change you, through sheer momma love!

    Big hugs to you and your little family!

  4. Oh wow, he's cute.

    As of today, I'm PUPO after our 2nd IVF attempt... Beta November 7th. Hoping to have a little cheeker of our own soon. :)

    1. I'd really love to know how you got on with your results but can't access your profile! If you are still floating about, please check in with me and let me know!

  5. Good luck JL with your test! I will be keeping everything crossed for you!! I would love to know the result when you find out. xox

  6. I stumbled across your blog after following the IVF threads on the OhBaby forums. I was desperately checking your blog waiting for your positive result. I remember being so happy for you. The day you got your positive result was the day I had my eggs harvested. I had prepared myself for a negative result but we were fortunate enough to get a positive result first time around. Our little monkey is going to be 14 weeks old tomorrow. He's such a blessing, although Cohen could teach him a thing or two about sleeping! Your little cheeker is just gorgeous. Keep up the good work. ;-)

  7. Lovely post. I remember clearly the day I received my phone call too, its certainly a day to remember. And your little boy is so cute. that pic is adorable!

  8. Gosh, he is seriously one good looking baby!

    You know where I'm at - finally following you on the journey to motherhood :)

  9. Hey there Haidee, well I'm here again 5 days out from BT after our second IVF attempt. Just starting to get nervous cause don't feel any different to last time when it was a BFN :(.

    Looking forward to having a cheeky little monkey of our own, but at the moment I love seeing photos of your gorgeous little Cohen! Luv Steff.C xxoo

  10. You know what I'm up to as we're in the BC July mummies group together. I remember your BFP well, gave me heaps of positivity and hope. My Ivy was transferred as a two-day four cell embryo four days later. I love the photo of your gorgeous Cohen!

  11. Me - 12 months later.

    PREGNANT after 1 IVF try!!! Baby due in March.

    My heart goes out to everyone out there who is still trying. Hang in there its worth it in the end.

    Love to all

  12. Me, 12 months later. We became pregnant within days of one another, I miscarried at 8+ weeks. For my sanity I needed to stop following you. I check back every once in a while. The cheeker is beautiful! Congratulations. 1 year later I am pregnant again, 14 weeks on Thursday, I pray that this is my take home baby!

  13. I'm loving all these updates!

    Gurlee, I was sooo happy for you when I read your BFP (I posted a congratulations to you but you got so many posts that it probably got lost in the shuffle) and you're now 14 weeks, that is just wonderful news! Wishing you all the best for a healthy and happy pregnancy and birth!

    Congratulations Bun in the Oven!! Are you going to find out what you are having?

    Good luck Steffi, was lovely chatting to you on FB last night and I will be keeping my fingers crossed!

    Anonymous - Congratulations on the birth of your son!


  14. We are having a girl!!
    She's healthy and happy. After everything we have been through I cried at our scan when I saw her.

  15. I began reading your blog as you began your last IVF cycle. My journey has been very similar as I follow in your footsteps (a few weeks behind - tomorrow is the anniversary of my embryo transfer). And right now I have a little cheeky monkey of my own - a boy too - conceived on my 3rd, and what was to be my last, IVF cycle. It has been interesting for me to read what you are doing as we share many of the same milestones, difficulties and joys. Motherhood is amazing and I'm certain that I wouldn't be so happy or finding it so easy if I hadn't been on the horrible journey of infertility. I am now learning to put that behind me and become the 'me' that was put on hold for 4 years in my quest to be a mum - a better, happier, more content 'me', with a gorgeous son and a wonderful husband (who just happens to be the world's best dad!).

  16. I followed you on BC prior to your BFP and when I came back this year to do my IVF # cycle 1, I found your blog....

    I found it extremely difficult earlier on when I knew I was not ready to do IVF and hearing all about BFPs but once I knew IVF was the way to go for me...I found BC and blogging world including yourself so inspirational to know it worked for you it can work for me....

    Im very very lucky it only took one cycle but I had been through other methods of TTC prior etc to get there, operations, clomid and natural therapies

    Your son is beautiful just like his parents and you make wonderful parents and I cant wait until my baby is in my arms to do the same...

    Bring on the challenge!!!

  17. I found your blog right around the time you got your BFP. It gave me hope and strength to go through IVF myself. IVF #1 was a failure and it has been right around a year since then. We had a miscarriage over the summer and have recently done 2 IUIs which have failed. We are taking a month off to decide what to do next. Your little cohen is beautiful. I hope to have one like him by this time next year!

  18. Such a great photo! A year on. . .and I have a 12 week old boy. :-)

  19. Cheeky baby is just too much adorableness! Cutest baby photo ever! :)

  20. I've just found your blog this evening Haidee. I have tears in my eyes reading this post, imagining how happy you must've felt xxx