Friday, March 25, 2011


A big hello to all my lovely blog followers! Sorry I have been so slack on the blogging front lately. I sometimes go to write a post but first I tend to catch up on other blogs and sometimes by the time I have finished reading and commenting on the other IF blogs I read (of which there sadly hasn't been the best news lately) I feel like by coming on here and writing a post about my pregnancy, it is a bit like rubbing salt in the wound. So I don't post and then I realise how useless I have been at keeping everyone up to date. For those of you who are struggling at the moment, I feel for you, I really do. I haven't forgotten my 3 years of TTC by any means and I hope to see a big run of BFP's in the near future.

I am 25w4d now and the HG has FINALLY started tackling that nursery. I rejoiced to see the bad weather starting to set in this week and rejoiced even more when he came home last night after a night out fishing (the one night this week that the weather has been good enough) and said he had some bad news . . . the Snapper have left the coast. YIPPEE!! This means fishing season is coming to a close and I get my husband back! He is obsessed with fishing and this season has been out on the boat even more so than usual as he knows next year he won't be able to get out quite as frequently and I am fine with that. But, I need that nursery done! He's had a great run this summer with endless fish and crayfish but it's coming to a close as Autumn sets in and therefore the nursery has been getting some more attention, just not quite in the way I expected. So I came home the other night and the ceiling had been torn down. Dust and broken wood chips covered EVERYTHING. I was of the impression we were going to paint the walls and move the furniture in . . . hmm . . . so much for that idea! I just hope it gets finished now (unlike the outside of the house which has been half finished for the last three years and the bathroom which had the ceiling replaced but only got one swipe of paint and looks it). What is it with men doing DIY but never finishing what they started?! I will endeavor to take a photo this weekend to show you the state of the soon to be nursery so that I can do before and after shots. Hopefully more progress gets made this weekend as the rain and cold sets in (YES!!!).

As for me, I am still experiencing the joy of the second trimester and feeling great. Sleeping really well (apart from crazy dreams), still feeling comfortable so no backache or aches and pains except a bit of rib pain occasionally but I am getting bigger and baby is moving around and kicking a little harder every day (hard enough to wake me up at 3.30am two nights in a row!) but I am starting to get to the point where I am so excited I just want to meet him! Now I understand why pregnant woman get so impatient about having their babies. I used to sit there and think 'Just enjoy your pregnancy, they'll be here soon enough!' but now I get it.

Can't wait to meet you little man! 14 weeks to go!


  1. OMG, just saw that in 2 days I will be down to double digits in waiting time! Woohoo!

  2. Did you manage to keep your excitement about the snapper season ending to yourself and look suitably sad? hehehe
    Great that he can get started on the nursery-definitely taker before and after photos!
    Glad you're feeling good hon and I'm sure the next 14 weeks will go so fast, you'll be meeting your little boy in no time :) xo

  3. I can't believe you are so far along!! It seems like just the other day you posted about your BFP.

    I hope he gets done fast with that room, the time it takes men to finish anything seems like at least two times the amount of time it actually should have taken.

  4. Woo hoo. Yep DH is the same! Half-arsed projects still waiting to be finished. BUT when it came to the nursery room he had it cleaned, painted, renovated and moved all the furniture in. All I had to do was dress the cot and put the pictures up. You'll be surprised how quick he finishes this job.

  5. Hi Haidee I understand your DHs addiction DH has a cricket addiction and just finishing off his final is such a social killer and every year I hope to be pregnant before it starts so he knows that yes I need him to be around for when baby comes..he said this is his last year (he said this 3 seasons ago)
    I do hope it is but hoping with our first IVF end of May we get our BFP and his focus will no longer be on cricket but our baby to be

  6. Oh Haidee, I get what you are saying. It must feel hard to express your joy, when others you care for are in pain. This is sooo normal. Just means you care. Thank you for following and supporting me. I find reading preg blogs refreshing. You are still the same person you were before your BFP, now you just smile a hell of alot more! Glad everything is going so well, 2nd Tri is bliss, best of luck from here on in, have you noticed any body bits of your little man sticking out? My little man used to stick his elbow out my right side of the tummy. Looks like an alien in there..

  7. No body bits just yet! I had a little freak out before when I realised I hadn't felt him move all day, not even a little bit so I had a big glass of cold orange juice and lay down on the couch and gave my belly a few pokes and prods and got a kick back. I think I woke him up because now he's being quite active! Oops! He was really active yesterday so think I just have a sleepy bubba today.

  8. I thought you were posting about my DH at first. He might have yours beat. Our master bedroom has been half painted for over 10 years. He doesn't want me to do it because I don't paint as well as he. Yes that might be true but I would finish it.

    What are you design ideas for the room?

  9. Hahaha Cowgirltn! That sounds familiar! The HG is actually a painter and decorator by trade though which is why he's so useless at doing it as he does it for a job. Not sure on a design theme just yet, still deciding. Will keep you posted!