Sunday, March 6, 2011


You must be wondering what that blog title is all about? Well, basically it's been a rough week. First I had the awful tummy bug strike me down and spent two days without food and struggling to keep down fluids. Not my idea of fun! This was Tuesday and Wednesday and I actually managed to work through most of Tuesday (have become quite adept at spewing and then going on with my workload after dealing with the MS!) but it started to knock me down as the day went on and I pulled all the muscles in my bump from the vomiting which made walking sore. So, the HG was kind enough to come and collect me and I rewarded him by spewing in his work truck on the way home. We were on the motorway so I didn't have alot of options other than one of those paper McDonalds takeaway bags and of course there had to be a hole in it. The only good part (if you can call it that!) was that I hadn't eaten since 10am so it was only the red powerade that came up. Liquid isn't so bad and the truck came away unscathed, it was me that got a bit icky! Joy. Needless to say I took the Wednesday off work to recover.

Friday was my 29th birthday and I was still feeling drained when I woke up that morning  after being so sick and despite the HG making a fuss of me and wishing me happy birthday, I then went to work and when I spoke to him later burst into tears because I missed my mum. My birthday was always a special time for us as we always did something special together and she'd make a big deal of it, so every birthday I miss her more than any other day of the year. Next year will obviously be a very different experience with an 8 month old in the house and I can't wait for that. I can't wait to do for him on his birthday what my mum used to do for me on mine. The HG surprised me with a lovely chocolate mud cake birthday cake he'd purchased (and it was huge!) that night served with ice-cream to follow my requested macaroni cheese for dinner, so that perked me up in the evening. 

When people used to speak of pregnancy hormones I didn't really understand what they meant . . . until now! I quit my antenatal classes because I got pissed off with their total lack of communication (and when I say 'lack of' I mean 'zero' communication) and decided to go elsewhere (and told them so). I then went to buy a couch today on an interest free deal and when the interest free deal was taking so bloody long to organise with some stupid finance company I chucked it on my credit card in annoyance and got snarky with them for making it so bloody difficult when every other furniture store in town makes it easy. I was already pissed off because I have wanted that particular couch for ages (it's a fold out bed one) but they only had it in chocolate and it's going in the nursery and I didn't want chocolate (said in a whiny tone) so I had left my name and number and asked them to call me if any other colours came in store and no one did . . . but when I went in today they had ONE charcoal one left which was my ideal colour and they'd got it in a couple of weeks ago. Do they not want to make a sale? 

Anyway, I hope this week is brighter! 

PS: Sorry for the rambling blog entry, it's been awhile!


  1. I think crying on your bday is standard these days! Hope u r better luv xo

  2. hehe pregnancy hormones are insane aren't they... I'm 39weeks and seem to spend all day and all night getting peeved at everyone in my busy household...

    Happy birthday for Friday :)

  3. Happy birthday - we share a birthday! I cried on my birthday because I couldn't find a particular pair of black socks, even though all my socks are black. And once I found them I decided I didn't want to wear them, so I won't even try to figure out these mood swings.