Saturday, March 12, 2011


We have finally cleared out the spare room so we can start turning it into a nursery. The cot is on layby along with the pram, I have the change table and set of drawers and then it's just a matter of decorating. Trying to decide what to do is so hard! We are thinking of doing a half and half paint when it comes to the walls - blue at the top and white at the bottom. We have all white furniture and as mentioned in my last entry, a charcoal sofa but getting the HG to actually START decorating the nursery is somewhat impossible while the weather is still nice and there is fishing to be done. Take today for example - after the earthquake in Japan (which was catastrophic and my heart goes out to all the Japanese people) the NZ civil defence put out a warning to avoid all waterways and not go swimming or boating while the alert was in place. So what does my husband do? Rings me at 8am after visiting the beach to say that he is going out diving. Hmm . . . is it a man thing? I mentioned the warning which was all over the news and he was like 'but everyone else is doing it, there's a million boats out, stop worrying'. Ok, so nothing happened but men and their hobbies! He then proceeded out fishing this evening and the weather is perfect again tomorrow. In the meantime the babies room isn't really doing much. I can't believe I'm saying this but please, please let the weather start to pack up! Once it's painted I can start to do my part!

In other news, I had my monthly midwife appointement last night and everything is fine and dandy with baby (nice strong heartbeat, a few almightly kicks and my bump is measuring well) BUT I will need to see a specialist at the antenatal clinic at the hospital due to my asthma and the potential of an attack while in labour. It's started to go downhill since the cooler evenings and mornings set in and the baby starts taking up more room and squishing things. I also found out that my meds could potentially delay labour when it comes to my due date so we need to make a plan as to how we are going to manage it. Hopefully it won't be a problem when the time comes because I am making a real effort to try and think positively about the birth and not go into it terrified. The HG made a comment about it the other day that I found less than supportive (something along the lines of how much it's going to hurt, how big a babies head is, how it'll have to come out such a small hole and will probably rip it to shreds and how he's so glad he isn't a woman!) and I promptly burst into tears (and he got told off by our midwife for saying less than supportive comments. Hehe) so I really hope my asthma isn't going to be a problem as being short of breath is very distressing. Does anyone else suffer from asthma who has given birth? Was it an issue?

And to finish off below is my latest bump pic at 23w5d. Needless to say getting my socks on is becoming somewhat an issue and the HG is going to have to start having a lesson in doing it for me. At least he'll be an expert by the time baby arrives and I can have him dressing him like an expert in no time!


  1. I am asthmatic, and have had no probs during any of my 3 pregnancies {other than extra chest infections during winter for #1 and #2}... so far neither of my labours have resulted in asthma related prolems or been hindered by them, and I don't expect #3 to either. Good luck - mind over matter hun... and give your hubby a light slap for his less than supportive comments :)

  2. Bump looks awesome!! You are very lucky.

  3. Hey Haidee, I have asthma and never had a problem with either of my labours. Your bump looks great too.
    Kerry :o)

  4. You have an adorable baby belly! If it's any consolation, Davie is almost two weeks old and we're still finishing up the nursery! She's always with us, so it'll be a while before she actually uses the nursery.

  5. Your bump looks perfect. If you need nursery ideas there is a great website called and they have TONS of ideas in there gallery.

    We pulled several ideas from their site.

  6. I had my 1st child 3 years ago. Labored for 2 days and gave birth naturally. I've also had asthma since I was a toddler, and did not have a single problem! Hopefully you'll be just as lucky! :)