Friday, January 14, 2011


Ladies, we have a date! I am very excited to say that we will be finding out whether we are Team Blue or Team Pink on the 11th February. Not long to wait at all! We had a midwife appointment today and apparently I am in perfect health. All my tests came back wonderful and I turned to the HG and said 'Well, that's a first!'. After 3 years of tests and ops that revealed bad news (low progesterone, blocked tubes, polycystic looking ovaries . . . oh look - a uterine polyp! And another one! You get the idea) it was such a relief to be told that everything is perfect for once and baby and I are in tip top shape.

We got to hear the heartbeat for the first time too which was amazing as until now we have seen it but not heard it. As it's been a month since our last scan, it was such a relief to hear a nice strong heart beating away. Even though my belly continues to grow, as the MS starts to ease off I haven't felt as pregnant which can cause a few nerves (but just a few, I promise!) so was lovely to hear that, even for just a few minutes. I am excited at the prospect of feeling some first movements in the coming weeks aswell, as apparently it could be anytime from here on in. I truly can't wait for that time.

I also got my official results from those risk factor tests for Downs syndrome and Trisomy 13 and 18 and they are:

Downs syndrome - 1:21,000
T13 - 1:100,000
T18 - 1:100,000

And at the bottom in capitals was written LOW RISK. Phew!


  1. That's fantastic news Haidee!!! So are you going to share with us whether it's a boy or girl or are you going to keep it a secret?

  2. woo hoo! All is going well, as it should be. You'll be feeling those flutterings very soon, like little butterflies playing in your uterus.

  3. I'll be sharing with you all of course! We were always of the opinion that if we found out then we both found out and wouldn't keep it a secret, otherwise we would keep it as a surprise. I'd find it WAY too hard to know and not tell anyone, especially when you want to show off the nursery ;-) The currently non-existent nursery I should add!

  4. I felt my flutters around 15wks, maybe earlier, and it will scare the crap out of you at first. And from that moment your litte man (yes Im team Blue voting), will not stop kicking the crap out of you till he is out!

    Congrats, 'perfect health' is about bloody time!

  5. hehe don't worry hun, my nursery hasn't even been built yet for the twins! and we haven't bought anything yet either......though I think I've worked out what pram I want now ;)

    Can't wait to hear what your having!!!!

  6. That's terrific news! Congratulations on the "perfect health" result! It must have been wonderful to hear the little one's heart beat as well!!!

  7. February 11 will make Valentines day extra special this year. Congrats on the perfect health report it must feel great knowing you and the baby are on track.