Monday, April 11, 2011


The HG got the opportunity to really feel the baby kick last night. I was lying on my side in bed which must have squished the poor thing to one side and he started booting away so I told the HG to put his hand on my tummy to feel him squirm. He got a bit of a start at the resulting kicks and movements as he said it felt like 'an alien' was moving around in there. Not only can you feel the kicks now but you can actually feel a little foot come out and drag around the tummy and you can feel him rolling over and moving about. Even I found it a bit freaky feeling it with my hand on my belly. So exciting though, he's getting so big! We have another MW appointment on Tuesday night and I'm guessing we'll be able to find out whether he has been a good boy and turned head down like he's supposed to. I know there's still plenty of time but I prefer not to have to worry about a breech baby! I suspect he has by the positioning of his kicks and punches so we'll see. Will update you all again on Wednesday!


  1. What a beautiful thing to share with hubby..glad to see he is as active as ever...and your enjoying every moment of being pregnant..cant wait til I have that experience

  2. It is a great and memorable moment with DH. Hope the appointment goes well on Tuesday.

  3. How cool is that! I bet HG was so excited to feel him properly :)

  4. OMG! This is totally happening to me too. The little one is starting to move like crazy - nonstop kicks and jabs. And the flips are the craziest - like hitting the top of a roller coaster or something!! So cool that your hubby got in on the fun. :)