Monday, April 4, 2011


I saw this on another blog and thought I'd give this format a go for something different. If you like it let me know and I'll carry on writing some further updates this way.

HOW AM I FEELING: I'm feeling amazing! I have no complaints except for the leg cramps which continue to give me grief in the middle of the night (had me in tears on Saturday night because my calf muscle locked up in a cramp for 20 minutes and I couldn't get rid of it no matter what I did) but these are just minor annoyances in the scheme of things.


CRAVINGS/AVERSIONS: Bacon, eggs and cheese. I live on bacon and egg toasties, panini's, pies or just plain bacon and eggs themselves, plus anything I can put bacon in like macaroni cheese or just bacon sandwiches. And I love anything with cheese. Cheese and pickle on crackers is my current favourite snack. Yum! No aversions at the moment, I think I had enough aversions in the first 16 weeks to last a lifetime. I just love food at the moment! Starting to crave chocolate too. Uh oh!

MOVEMENT: This baby is going through a super active stage at the moment. I used to only really feel him kicking about in the evenings just after dinner when I was relaxing on the couch and now he's active every couple of hours and all through the night. Enough that it wakes me up and the movements have changed from kicks to a rolling type of movement where I can literally feel him moving around in there, as well as kicking and punching. He's a very active little man! The HG likes to say he's practicing his fishing techniques or surf moves.

OTHER UPDATES: I brought the cot! I popped into the baby shop yesterday that I had my cot on layby at and found that it was on special for the weekend only with $100 off! Initially I was gutted but then I managed to persuade the shopkeeper to let me have it at that price if I paid off the layby then and there and I also picked up a cot mobile (with a whale, bee, aeroplane and ABC block) and an octopus toy and still paid less than I had left to pay off initially. I was stoked! We also pick up our couch/bed settee from the furniture shop and the HG is knuckling into the nursery this week so we can (hopefully!) start moving everything in next weekend.

UPCOMING MILESTONES: We start our antenatal classes in a months time which is exciting and I have my next appointment with my midwife next week where we will discuss my birth plans and set up my appointment with the specialist regarding my asthma.


  1. Sounds like things are going great!

    The leg cramps made me think about something my aunt does -- she keeps little packets of yellow mustard by her bed and opens one up and eats the mustard when she wakes up with a leg cramp at night. She swears by it. Not sure what it is about the mustard (turmeric? vinegar?) but she says it is the only thing that helps. Might be worth a try? Hers aren't pregnancy related, but she gets them a lot and they are really intense.

  2. Love the format! Keep the updates coming! The movements are amazing hey! My son would move alot whilst I was was in office meetings and everyone would crack up at my belly shape. Glad you got your cot cheaper!! Bargain!!

    Take care luv xo

  3. Format is good and lets us know what is going on.

    If the leg cramps are muscle cramps like a charlie-horse, drinking more water throught the day should help. Dehydration can be a cause when you are not pregnant so I assume the same concept applies.

  4. It's agreat update and keep them coming! I loved it when bub moved around in there. It literaly looks like something out of those Alien movies. DH wojuld freak out everytime he saaw it. I had problems with leg cramps too and there's not much I can offer to help you, just something I had to live with. You're at the really exciting stage now of purchasing all the furniture and items!

  5. Great work hun! Those leg cramps are horrible ay?!
    Do you know if bub is head down yet? I used to laugh at my belly when my other 2 would turn over and I could see their bum go from the left side to the right - definitely makes for an odd shape belly! Don't get so much of that this time with the twins as they just don't have the room to move!

  6. Nice update Haidee! Wow, it sounds like your going to turn into a pig if you keep eating all this bacon!! hahaha.

    Glad HG is pulling his finger out and starting to get his act together with the room- can't wait to see it all finished! How very exciting!

  7. Great format and update hon! Hope the legs cramps ease really soon,I had that for a while(obviously not pregnancy related lol)at night and no idea what caused it but they are bloody painful!
    Love the 'surfing and fishing moves' that are going on in there hehe and glad you have your cot sorted! <3 xoxo

  8. Ouch - the leg cramps sound very painful - you poor thing. My husband was suffering from debilitating cramps all the time (daily & lots) with his last job due to being overworked & phsycially exhausted all the time. Anyway, his doctor put him onto drinking Dilmah infusions tea - Rooiboos with cinnamon & peppermint - incredibly it worked - amazing! It didn't totally get rid of all his cramps (but he was getting them like 12 or more times a day etc), but it helped a lot. Obviously he wasn't pregnant & is a man, so just a bit different to you (lol!!), but worth a try maybe, they certainly helped him heaps. Good luck! Love reading your blog :)

  9. Hi Haidee, Great information thanks! Are you allowed to take magnesium tablets. I sometimes take them for restless legs at night..puts me out to sleep like a light.
    Thanks for all the info...I'm 8 weeks and just hitting the food aversion/nausea thing now, so good to know it passes...or maybe it just changes to cravings!
    Love reading your blog