Saturday, February 12, 2011


Thank you for all your congratulations yesterday! I still haven't quite got my head wrapped around the idea that I am expecting a son! Not that I would have had my head wrapped around the idea of a daughter any quicker, but somehow KNOWING I am carrying a little boy makes it all feel so much more real and I sometimes find myself just suddenly going 'Holy crap! There's a little boy in there!'. Weird!

He was a very well behaved for us yesterday. We walked into the ultrasound room and the lovely lady asked us if we wanted to know what we were having to which the HG replied 'DEFINATELY' (he was beyond excited!) and the instant she started there were two little legs wide open for the whole world to see what he was! I will have to post a pic to show you just how obvious he was being! He then seemed to almost understand exactly what she wanted to check for and moved into all the right positions for measurements to be taken. She said he was one of the easiest babies she's ever had to scan and is just perfect. He was very active, kicking and punching and moving around alot. I also found out my placenta is anterior and thick which is why I haven't felt that much thus far. Apparently it could be another couple of weeks before I really start to feel major movement but anterior also means that when they are really big it won't hurt as much. I have no idea what that means and what kind of pain a baby can cause from the inside out (prior to labour of course!) but seems that is the silver lining of waiting longer to feel bubs movements.

Now that we know that he's healthy and we are buying for a boy, we can start shopping! And that's what I did today - I brought a large chest of drawers to store everything we have accumulated so far (nappies, wipes, nappy bag, jumpsuits and booties), put a cot on layby (chose one that comes with the additional pieces to convert it into a bed when he's older) and some BLUE jumpsuits and bibs. I also brought a toybox the other day. I could have kept shopping for hours but the HG can only tolerate so much so now I'm just gonna have to carry on my new shopping obsession online! Hehe. 


  1. I'm so happy for you!!! Shopping makes it more real and pumps up the excitement. You will have to have a virtual baby shower in a few months so we can all give you virtual gifts! Grab a few cloth nappies as well for your shoulder to spare your own clothes from vomit stains. After a while you won't care though and the shoulder spew stain is just an accessory!

    Cheers to little boy blue xoxo

  2. Congrats! I know exactly what you mean about it feeling real now.