Monday, September 3, 2012


I can't believe it is September already. Spring is finally here and summer is just around the corner. Except this summer I will have not only one, but two wee boys! Yep, that's right, baby#2 is another bouncing baby boy! I'm now 25 weeks and 4 days pregnant and honestly feel like I have no idea where the time has gone. I am shocked to see that my last blog entry was way back in June. I have no excuses. So much has happened - we have celebrated Cohen's 1st birthday party and he is now 14 months old! I still can't believe I have a toddler and not a baby any longer. He isn't walking yet, he is a climber instead. Not sure which would make my life easier, a walker (runner!) or a climber! At least I don't have to chase him just yet but removing him from awkward situations that he has climbed his way into is almost as tiresome, not to mention carting him around the place with a big fat pregnant belly! He is HEAVY. A solid 12kg and counting. He is such a joy though and I adore motherhood. Luckily we don't have any issues with teething (he has 8 so far and I haven't even known he was getting any of them except for the red cheeks and then spotting them in his mouth) and he is a brilliant sleeper which is going to help tremendously when our next little man makes an appearance. I have opted to have this baby via another elective c-section so I probably have less than 14 weeks to go. 14 weeks! It is insanely soon and I am excited but petrified at the same time. Both boys will be sharing a room as we only have a two bedroom house so it is certainly going to be a very interesting transition and I am being optimistic for another easy baby (even though people take great pleasure in telling me that every baby is different and that the second one can often be harder *gulp!*).
I still struggle with the fact that I went from infertile and needing IVF to conceive and being told we had less than 1% chance of ever having a pregnancy naturally, to conceiving on our own in the course of just 1 and a half years. It is probably partly the reason that I haven't blogged in such a long while as I carry some guilt with it, guilt that there are so many of you still struggling to have a baby and here I am with my IVF miracle and another baby on the way so soon. It took me awhile to come to terms with the idea but now I am excited about it and embracing it as the blessing that it is. Especially now that the morning sickness has gone. I knew this baby was a boy right from the start as the pregnancies have been identical (from the MS kicking in at 6 weeks to the heart rates being the same) so I wasn't surprised to learn he was a boy.
2 boys! I'm going to have my hands full!
Here is a photo of Cohen taken a couple of weeks ago. Still hard to believe he is mine.


  1. Yay! So good to hear from you again. Congratulations on number 2, I'm sure they'll be great pals. All the best for the remainder of your pregnancy :)

  2. So great to hear from you1!! Congrats on the second boy. Things will certainly be very busy for you guys come December. I understand that you feel guilty but don't let it hold you back from blogging. I love hearing from you (and other 'now mums') it helps me hold onto the hope that one day I'll be one too!

  3. Please don't feel guilty, you deserve to be pregnant again and to have achieved it naturally.

    I'm so excited for you and another little boy yay!!

    Please don't stop blogging as I enjoy reading positive stories about IF successes even when I'm still going thought it, keeps my hopes alive :)

  4. Well THERE you are!! Good to "see" ya, and to hear that things are going well. TWO boys! How exciting!!