Thursday, January 26, 2012


Really this is what I have already been doing but I feel I need to actually put it in words - I am on a bloggy break but I do plan to be back! Thank you for all your lovely words of encouragement regarding my last post. I have decided that I will carry on writing on this blog, however I will change the name of my blog and give it a new look and then if you would like to continue to read and follow me you can, if you choose not to then I completely understand too! I am going to wait until I am back to working a 4 day week before I tackle this though, as right about now I am a very busy girl working full time and will try and adopt my day off as a good time to write new blog entries and pick up where I left off.

Thank you all for your ongoing support!


  1. Im glad you will be back as I love hearing from you even if its far in between posts xx

  2. You used to love writing. Do you think you may have pnd? I know its very common for girls to get pnd after ivf or if they have lost a parent. I hope you don't but it does concern me you don't enjoy something you used to love.