Saturday, November 19, 2011


Well, I survived my first two days at work and now have five days to recover! Although if I'm honest, it actually went swimmingly. Cohen is being doted on hand and foot by Grandma and I get to go to work and have a wee break as well as earn some money. He also gets to grow up having a close relationship with his grandparents like I did as a child which is a wonderful thing. I am very happy with how it all worked out and feel like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders as I was feeling a wee bit anxious about it all in the lead up. Though when you call your mother-in-law to see how things are going and you can hear your babies raucous giggles in the background, you know you don't have a thing to worry about. The first day I made the HG drop him down as I was worried about tearing up when his little blue eyes watched me walk out the door but the second day I dropped him off myself and as soon as he saw her his little face broke into the biggest smile which made leaving a hell of a whole lot easier! I am only working two days a week until mid December so will be easing back into it over the next few weeks before going back to a four day position (down from five). My work has been absolutely wonderful at accommodating me and being very understanding (which could be surprising because I am the only female in amongst four males and it is usually a female dominated work environment that tend to be more flexible with working mums) so I am forever thankful to them for that. 

And here is a photo of him, just because I haven't posted an updated one for awhile!


  1. I love him! Looks like he is laughing in this pic! As I said on email, they are little humans too and prob get sick of us too!

  2. Awww Im so proud of you for actually accepting and your enjoying your decision to return to work...its great to have some you time and independence and stimulate different part of your brain...

    and yes definately agree grandma time is great...

    I self employed from home part time so am getting most of work out of way now so only have urgent stuff to do between March - June then new financial year I will be juggling baby and working from home...Im actually excited too the fact that I can still have some independence but at same time still enjoy being a mum...but lets see what happens when baby arrives

  3. Aw hon I'm so so pleased that everything has worked out great in your first week back-as I know you were nervous about it!
    Love the photo too-little cutie :) xoxo

  4. how awesome are bumbos, right? :-)

  5. officially mother of a bloody gorgeous child! glad work went well and smoothly and you didn't have too much separation anxiety.